Thursday, July 3, 2008

Words From My Mouf

I have favorite things, too! Mama took pictures for me (no thumbs) so I can show you.


This is bestest kind of balls in the whole wide world! If you chew on them just right, the orange fuzz comes off in big stringy pieces. Mama doesn't like it when I leave the stringy things all over her bed. Sometimes I get so excited when I get a piece off that I accidentally swallow it. It makes me cough like those kitties hacking up a fur ball! It's so embarrassing!


Here's my newest favorite toy. Mama says it's not a doggy toy (she calls it a "flower pot"), but she's wrong! It rolls in circles when I chase it, so I haves to bite it to make it stop. It makes big crackle noises when I bite it. Mama doesn't like it on her bed, either. (some times she's not much fun)

Yummy, yummy, yummy! You should try this! I used to eat the dry crunchy kind of food, but this is better. (Some times I get the urge for something crunchy so I eat some of the kitty food...shhh! Don't tell them!)

Napping (doing what I do best)

My favorite place to nap is in Mama's office. She made me a tuffet out of an old pillow and one of her old sweaters. This is where I sit when I'm dictating what she should write in my blog. (I falls asleep if she types too slowly!)

Okay, Aunt Sarah, I have goed forth and recommended stuff! :)