Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I've Been Pollinated!!

I've found a new playmate in our back yard! I think it's a chipmunk and he's hiding under this old piece of fence. I sticked my nose in there, but I can't reach him. (I just wanted to taste him...er...um...I mean kiss him) I yelled at him to come out and play, but he wouldn't! He's a bad chipmunk! He got me in trouble. I sticked my nose in there to say hi and um...kiss him, and I gots
pine pollen all over my face (and ears and feets and tummy).
Mommy made me take a shower. I hate a shower! Mommy uses stinky puppy shampoo (that
won't burn my eyes) that makes me smell like a people-baby. YUCKY!!


Sarah said...

Maybe the chipmunk didn't come out because he knew you wanted to taste him! :o I'm coming to visit soon so I will distract you from the chipmunk and you can give me kisses! =)

Gordon Simpson said...

Maybe you will sprout forth pine cones from your ears! Or pine nuts would be even better - they are tasty. Although those meddling humans probably washed the pollen off too quickly...